Industry and Scientific Advisory Board designed to create research solutions

ANN ARBOR, MI – MONDAY, AUGUST 23, 2021- Ripple Science, an innovative patient engagement technology company whose mission is to apply technology to solve patient engagement challenges-a leading reason cited when clinical trials fail-has formed an Industry and Scientific Advisory Board (IASAB) chaired by Ripple’s board member, Jeanne Hecht. Joining Ms. Hecht are Drs. Amir Kalali and Jeff Kingsley, as well as Ripple Science Founder, Nestor Lopez-Duran PhD and CEO, Peter Falzon.

The IASAB will support Ripple’s growth by gathering insights, sharing ideas, and debating critical business concepts. The board’s distinguished members will gather quarterly to identify customer needs, product opportunities and market challenges associated with the engagement of patients in industry sponsored and grant funded clinical trials.

Having recently secured an additional $1.5 million in growth capital, Ripple Science will be guided by the IASAB’s findings as it increases its support for clinical trials through the deployment of its industry leading patient engagement platform powered by data driven analytics, machine learning, and AI enabled algorithms.

“Ripple’s Industry Advisory Board will provide insights into the direction the clinical research industry is heading as Ripple Science expands its role delivering best-in-class patient engagement software used to advance patient recruitment, retention, and diversity in traditional, remote, decentralized and hybrid clinical research settings,” commented Jeanne Hecht, Ripple Science non-executive director and Industry and Scientific Advisory Board Chair.


About Dr. Amir Kalali: Dr. Kalali is a physician scientist, recognized globally as a leading innovator at the intersection of life sciences and technology, with over 20 years of executive experience in biopharma. He is a board director of both private and publicly traded companies, and advises companies in the life sciences and technology sectors, universities, and investment groups. Dr. Kalali is the Co-Chair of the Decentralized Trials and Research Alliance (DTRA), and Chairman and Chief Curator of the CNS Summit.

About Dr. Jeff Kingsley: Dr. Kingsley is CEO at IACT Health, a leading integrated clinical trial site network. Jeff is also on the ACRP board of directors, and has a chair as COO at hyperCORE International, a global network of premier research sites. He is faculty at several medical schools and he has previously worked as president of the Association for the Behavioral Sciences in Medical Education.

About Ripple Science: Ripple Science is an innovative and fast-growing SaaS company spun out of the University of Michigan in 2016. Ripple Essentials, Ripple Pro and Ripple Enterprise ma