Users now have the ability to share their Ripple Study Calendar to any external calendar which supports “iCalendar” format subscriptions. This is just the first of improved calendar functionality, stay tuned for additional calendar features!

Calendar Sharing (Beta Version)

Linked calendars are currently formatted in a read-only integration of de-identified data for expected and scheduled calendar eventsData exported from Ripple has been de-identified to keep your study information private. Outside calendar applications will automatically update to reflect changes made within Ripple, however, edits made to external calendars will not be reflected within the application. For the most current information users are encouraged to refer to the internal Ripple calendar as external calendar refreshes are determined by the service and may be delayed by up to 12 hours.

Users must subscribe to each study calendar individually. By default, calendar naming follows the format: “Ripple:” + “Study Name” (e.g., a study named “Big Study” would appear as “Ripple: Big Study”). Typically, it takes between 5-10 minutes for the default name to be set within your third-party calendar. Calendar names can be customized by users within the external calendar application.