ANN ARBOR, MI – THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2023 –Ripple Science, a leading digital clinical trial software company, announced the appointment of Christian Burns to its Board of Directors and as a strategic advisor to the senior management team. This strategic addition aims to drive Ripple Science’s next phase of growth and strengthen its position in the clinical trials industry.

Christian Burns brings extensive experience and expertise to his role on the Board of Directors. Mr. Burns is a respected serial entrepreneur, research advocate, and President & co-founder of ClinEdge & BTC Network, now a part of Elligo Health Research. He is deeply committed to improving patient care by identifying innovative solutions that transform the traditional clinical trial model. In his new capacity, Mr. Burns will provide invaluable guidance to Ripple Science, particularly in shaping the next generation of its software and services products. The company’s focus is on assisting clinical trial Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and Sponsors in enhancing participant recruitment and retention, thereby accelerating the introduction of new drugs and devices to the market.

Mr. Burns commented, “As a passionate advocate for transforming the clinical trial landscape, I am thrilled to join Ripple Science’s Board of Directors and contribute to their mission of revolutionizing participant recruitment and retention. Through leveraging innovative software solutions, we have the opportunity to accelerate clinical trial delivery. By providing key stakeholders with the critical clinical trial information in Ripple, we can enable them to make perceptive clinical trial decisions.”

“Christian’s appointment to our Board of Directors brings exceptional knowledge of the clinical trial services industry,” stated Peter Falzon, Ripple Science President & CEO. “His expertise as a strategic advisor to our team has been indispensable, allowing us to effectively address the most crucial challenges of recruitment and retention that our platform solves for CROs and sponsors. With Christian’s guidance, we are excited about the prospects of expanding our product offerings and making a substantial impact in assisting clinical trial teams in recruiting and retaining a broader and more diverse range of pati