Ripple Science’s platform was selected from a competitive field of HIPAA-compliant software tools.


Ripple Science, which provides sites and sponsors with software to recruit, engage, and retain clinical research participants, today announced a partnership with Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) to provide Ripple Software to more than 250 faculty members and their research teams. With a focus on developmental health and wellness, clinical research investigators within the college aim to improve the quality of human lives by utilizing Ripple to better understand and enhance physical, mental, and social well-being at every stage of life.

“We see a great fit in helping Purdue HHS create a central registry of people who want to participate in and support Purdue’s groundbreaking health and wellness research,” commented Peter Falzon, CEO of Ripple Science. “This is the exact case we had in mind when we built Ripple with a comprehensive set of tools to manage participant scheduling, screening, email/texting, and project reporting.”

Leveraging the Ripple platform, Purdue HHS researchers plan to utilize the registry as a resource to support their studies. Researchers engage with registry participants to help address daily challenges faced, from fighting disease to tackling food insecurity to improving financial literacy. The HHS faculty lead for the registry, A.J. Schwichtenberg, shared, “In partnership with Ripple Science, we’ve worked hard to create a mutually beneficial space for researchers and community members alike.”

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