ANN ARBOR, MI – Jan 13, 2021   Ripple Science today announces new features coming online in January and February that enable automation, building reports and creating advanced surveys in Ripple. These features equip clinical research teams to reduce errors, gain efficiencies and save time.

Automation is key for any team that wants to create a positive experience for patients, which is why Ripple added additional levels of automation to Advanced Email and Text Messaging. Using a variety of triggers, text messages and emails are scheduled to send to participants automatically. All texts and emails are logged to the participant profile providing a clear history of every communication with that participant. Advanced emails can be customized with html content to uniquely brand communications.

The Report Builder tool in Ripple provides full visibility and access to a site’s data, across all studies, in an intuitive and easy to use interface. Any team member can quickly create an exportable report by selecting individual data points and dimensions focusing on the data most useful. Reports can be shared with other users, viewed as charts or graphs, and saved to a custom dashboard.

Ripple’s Advanced Survey tool takes screening to the next level. Users can create complex participant facing surveys with branching logic, inclusion criteria, and customized styling. Surveys have a customizable list of question types, including a signature capture for e-Consent workflows.

Ruchika Patil, Participant Recruiting Manager for Q Analysts, expands on the value these features provide for her team. “We are very excited about the new Report Builder and Advanced Survey features in Ripple. The ability to run reports on team performance and study statistics will be of phenomenal help, not only to measure performance but also track and improve the areas where we need to do better. The report builder will reduce my reporting time in half as I can measure data across studies and statuses instead of running individual study level reports.”

Ripple Science President and CEO Peter Falzon commented, “As we work with larger teams doing more clinical trials it has become clear that automating tasks, tracking and reporting key metrics and providing teams and sponsors unified visibility are key to accelerating recruitment and minimizing attrition. Ripple’s new features are the result of our ongoing collaboration with our customers.”<