Cronicle Tech News features Ripple Science as sneak peak into 2022’s fastest growing startups in HealthTech hub of Ann Arbor



Ripple Science has been recognized as one of the fastest growing health tech startup companies in Ann Arbor. With the widespread adoption of Ripple Software across top academic research institutions and industry sponsored clinical trial sites, Ann Arbor is supported in the continuing trajectory towards becoming a HealthTech Startup Hub.  

The collaboration of healthcare research and technology growth meet in Ann Arbor to incubate new startup companies looking to contribute to a community centered around this startup hub. The city of Ann Arbor provides a culture full of talent in the medical research and health technology fields, due in part to the University of Michigan’s Innovation Partnerships

The team at Ripple Science is pleased to be a contributing company to the ever-growing HealthTech Startup Hub of the Midwest and hope to inspire other startups in the Ann Arbor area.

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