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Easy-to-Use Study Management Software

Ripple simplifies study management with integrated project management, communication, and study analytics tools.

Research protocols are often complex, and managing a team that successfully recruits and retains participants throughout your study’s lifecycle can be just as complicated.

We designed Ripple to take the administrative burden of managing your participants and team off your shoulders so that you can focus on finding the best participants for your study, retaining them through its completion, and developing relationships that carry over to future studies.

As your team uses Ripple, communication and collaboration become second nature, elevating the experience of both participants and team members.

Automating All Aspects of the Participant’s Journey Workflow

Diagram of the elements of the participant journey in a clinical trial

With Ripple You Can…

Manage Recruitment

Empower your team to identify the best recruiting sources and strategies to meet your enrollment goals more efficiently.

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Manage Pipeline of Potential Participants

Increase your enrollment conversion rate with better tracking and outreach to potential participants.

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Manage Process of Enrolled Participants

Support your team’s efforts to ensure participants are engaged wit